Have a Pressing Need For a New Car or Commercial Van? Our 2017 Ford Inventory Has the Solutions--With Savings!


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When you think back to the last time you heard about a friend finding an impossible-seeming deal on a fresh-from-the-factory car, what stands out? Had they been weighing their desire for a new car against the pressing need for an accommodating set of wheels, or waiting for the right prospect to jump out? There are more reasons than that, of course, and if you find yourself in a similar spot, we wanted to highlight the opportunities our remaining 2017 new Ford inventory has to offer!

But these cars aren’t "left overs," the way that old box of take-out in your fridge might be. Like other automakers, Ford keeps building cars right up until the model year change over, and continues to deliver them to dealerships like ours near Brunswick and Jesup, GA. That includes recently-updated models like the top-selling Fusion--which are being offered at an average of $6,250 under invoice!

Take out a magnifying glass, and you'll see that it's not just the Fusion models, but 2017 Focus and Fiesta models remain, too. They also have a lot in common, in addition to competitive savings. You might notice the models are "SE" trims, which industry reviewers like Kelley Blue Book (KBB) always recommend as the ones' that represent the best value, and Ford builds the most of. Any way you shake it, you can't lose with any of our 2017 inventory.

But those in pressing need of one of a quick solution for their commercial sales needs aren't left out in the cold either. Our expansive selection of Transit Connect models is teeming with chances to acquire a delivery van with a bit extra. Who knows what the smiles a few extra amenities could do for those who drive for your business? Consider this an excellent way to find out without changing your long-term budget.

But those are just samplings of the exciting prospects that await! But shining this spotlight on these value-laden offerings means you may need to act a little quicker to ensure you get the savings you deserve--particularly on our Escape models. Don't worry--we're not trying to rush you. All you need to do is let us know your interest over the phone, or by using our contact form and you can consider yourself in the running.

After that, we can help you learn more about the vehicle you've chosen, so you don't just walk away with a budget advantage, but a car you actually know. To get the ball rolling on both, our Ford dealership in Darien, GA waits with doors open.

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