Ford Fleet Offers

If you're a business owner in the Brunswick area, there are Ford vehicles to help make your life easier. Here at Hodges Ford, we're proud to offer a selection of commercial Ford vehicles. We carry models like the Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, Ford Expedition and many more. If you're in the business of taking care of tough jobs, we have plenty of Ford trucks to help you out.

Models like Ford trucks and the Ford Transit cargo van are perfect for all kinds of small business owners. However, while both are good for carrying cargo, they fill different roles. Ford trucks give you more towing and carrying power, but they leave your cargo open to the elements. Cargo vans are not as powerful as trucks, but they protect your cargo from the elements and from onlookers. They also give you free advertising, since you can put your business's logo on the side.

If you're looking to purchase commercial Ford vehicles, we're here to help you get the best possible deal. Here at Hodges Ford, we're proud to serve drivers from all over the state. If you're in Ludowici, Brunswick, Midway, or anywhere else, stop on by today here in Darien, GA. We can't wait to meet you.

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